Test for Succes

Test For Success: Neuropsychological Learning Evaluations Support Optimal Living

Do you answer "yes" to any of the following questions? Are you curious what hidden gifts or talents you possess, but don’t use? Do you sense that you learn or perceive the world differently from others? Does it feel like you could conquer the world – if only you didn’t have so much anxiety and self-doubt? Do you have big wishes/goals, but feel like you’re not educated (or smart) enough to attain them? Ever wonder why you experience relationships and social gatherings differently from your family and friends? Is school or work a struggle?  Boring?  Simply a poor “fit”? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to fine-tune your role in your business? Are you an employee who secretly wants to be an entrepreneur? As a mom, do you sense that your child is not performing at their best?  Or as happy as they should be? Is it hard for you to pay attention, remember things, organize and manage your busy life? Do you feel like you’re a smart, creative person who is drowning in a world of checklists, to-dos, and non-stop life maintenance? Maybe these questions seem like an advertisement for a motivational class or success seminar.

Your school recommends a learning assessment... What does this mean?

Top 5 Things to Know Before Scheduling a Learning Assessment

So your school has recommended you get a "learning assessment" for your child…  What does this mean? Perhaps your child’s teacher or counselor has concerns about learning, behavioral, or attention problems.