Our Team


Dr. Katen licensed psychologist

Dr. Katrina Katen, Psy.D.

Owner and Clinical Director

Dr. Katen is a licensed psychologist and holds a Doctoral Degree in clinical psychology and a Master's with specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She is the owner and lead psychologist of Individual Matters and supervises all clinical services.

A book by Katrina KatenDr. Katen specializes in comprehensive and individualized psycho-educational evaluations, therapy, and clinical supervision.  Her areas of expertise include gifted and twice exceptional, ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, professional development, relationships, and parenting.  In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Katen is a published author, professional mentor, and college instructor.

Dr. Katen is the author of The Ownership Yard: Where You Will Find True & Lasting Happiness


Susan Gilbert- Individual Matters Education Consultant

Susan Gilbert

Education Advocate

Susan Gilbert is a retired Chief Probation Officer with years of experience working with the schools. She has attended several advocacy conferences and training, including Wrightslaw for Advocacy. She became passionate about empowering parents to be advocates for their child after experiencing challenges in advocacy for her own daughter (when a student) and most recently, for her grandchildren. Susan facilitates the Parent Education Advocacy workshop at Individual Matters.

Kathryn Sparn, Learning Coach at Individual Matters

Kathryn Sparn

Learning Coach

Kathryn Sparn has nearly two decades of experiences working with children of all ages in a variety of classrooms, including reading and mathematics intervention classes. She has taught in three school districts in Colorado, and has also tutored college and elementary-aged students outside of the classroom in reading, math, and content areas. In 2013, Kathryn obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum design and Instructional strategies. As a result of her diverse these experiences, she has come to believe that everyone, no matter their background or learning style, has the ability to succeed as a student.


Owner and Executive Director Andrew Katen

Andrew Katen

Owner and Executive Director

Andrew is an experienced and passionate educator dedicated to supporting learners of all ages. At Individual Matters, he oversees administration, programs, and strategy. He is also a Learning Coach (executive function and ADHD, tutoring, and mentoring) and closely involved with the psycho-educational assessment process. Prior experience includes emergency management and teaching middle school and college. Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and fitness, reading (history, mythology, archaeology, business), and creating adventure-travel stories and videos. As a lifelong learner, Andrew's mission at Individual Matters is to help individuals discover and reach their potential by learning to "paddle downstream" in life. He holds a master's degree in strategic studies and bachelor's degrees in geology and biology.

Andrew is the author of Chaturanga and illustrator of The Ownership Yard: Where You Will Find True & Lasting Happiness.